Microcerotermes dubius arboreal nest, Borneo

My name is Fez! (@fezidae on the tweet-o-sphere) and I am an ecologist with a BSc Ecology from the University of Hull (CEMS) and an MRes in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation from Imperial College London (Silwood Park )

My research interests have mainly focused on tropical rainforest ecology, termite diversity and biogeography, and understanding the impacts of global change on ecosystems.

Besides my interest in insects, which started at a young age, I am also excited and fascinated by all topics of natural history and science… If only I had enough time to study Geology, Botany, Entomology, Zoology, physics, anthropology, Chemistry and paleontology each separately!

I am passionate about scientific research, education, equality and learning.

I am currently on a travel adventure with the aim of experiencing as much human and physical geography as possible:

28th August – 3rd September: Thailand

3rd September – 8th September: Peninsular Malaysia

8th September – 10th November: Malaysian Borneo – Research Assistant in Maliau Basin (Sabah) with NHM London

11th November – 6th December: Research Assitant at University of Malaysia (Sabah)

7th December – 15th December: Taiwan

15th December – 4th January: Japan

4th January – 8th January: Hong Kong

8th January – 6th April: West Coast USA!




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